Oven Baked Egg Bites

Oven Baked Egg Bites. healthy, wholesome and delicious breakfast egg bites with crispy bacon, cheese and eggs. Made in the oven, these baked egg bites are better than Starbucks! Change up the toppings and be creative. Ingredients 2 large eggs½ cup 1/21 cup gruyere, pepper Jack or cheddar cheese, grated2 tbsp cooked bacon, crumbled (2-3Continue reading “Oven Baked Egg Bites”

Flax Seed & Bran Muffin with Applesauce

These happy little Flax Seed & Bran Muffin with Applesauce are packed with whole grains, and vitamins. And all without added sugars! They’re a perfect healthy snack or breakfast for the family to make ahead and serve throughout the week. Ingredients 1 cup golden monk fruit1 cup unsweetened apple sauce1 cup avocado oil2 large eggs2Continue reading “Flax Seed & Bran Muffin with Applesauce”

Banana Oat Protein Pancakes with Berries

Banana Oat Protein Pancakes with Berries. My goal for these pancakes was to minimize the sugar and carbs while making something tasty that my family will actually eat. These do come out thinner than traditional pancakes, but they taste legit & super yummy. The kids actually ate them as they were coming out of theContinue reading “Banana Oat Protein Pancakes with Berries”

Turkey Sausage Asparagus Breakfast Bake

Turkey Sausage & Asparagus Breakfast Bake. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so when I have time I like serve healthy breakfast that is hearty enough to hold them over until lunch. I know I’m starting their mornings off right with this easy breakfast bake. Ingredients 12 ounces turkey sausage1Continue reading “Turkey Sausage Asparagus Breakfast Bake”

Breakfast at my House

Grits and Chorizo Breakfast Skillet was out Sunday Breakfast this morning. Southern meets TexMex Grits and Chorizo Breakfast Skillet Courses: Breakfast Categories: Egg, Grains, Pork Serving size: 4Preparation time: 5 mins Cooking time: 55 mins Ingredients For the grits:* 1 cup grits* 4 cups water* 3/4 teaspoon coarse sea salt, to taste* 2 tablespoons butter*Continue reading “Breakfast at my House”