Slow Cooker Pinto Beans

What do you do with a frozen left over Ham Bone from the Holidays, when you have to make room in your freezer. Make your family’s favorite Ham Beans & Rice. Courses: Main Dish, Side Dish Categories: Beans, Pork Serving size: 8-10 Preparation time: 10 mins Cooking time: 8 hours  Ingredients  Left over Ham BoneContinue reading “Slow Cooker Pinto Beans”

Beef French Dip Sandwiches & Gravy

Friday night homemade French Dip Sandwiches & Gravy Fries. We love the Hat and I wanted to do a simple homemade version. Nailed It! Family was happy happy happy!!! Crock Pot French Dip Sandwiches Courses: Main Dish Categories: Beef, Sandwich Serving size: 6 Preparation time: 10 mins Cooking time: 4 hours Ingredients 3 Lbs ChuckContinue reading “Beef French Dip Sandwiches & Gravy”

Skillet Cajun Sausage Peppers & Rice

Feeling like taking a trip to the Bayou & Louisiana tonight. Skillet Cajun Sausage Peppers & Rice is what’s for dinner tonight. Listening to some Hank Williams Sr while cookin’ Ingredients 1 1/2 cups white rice 2 tsp olive oil 1 (12 ounce) package andouille smoked sausage 1 red bell pepper, sliced 1 green bellContinue reading “Skillet Cajun Sausage Peppers & Rice”